Become the best version of yourself

I offer highly skilled guidance and instruction in these classes, providing you with access to top-level expertise tailored to your fitness journey.

Services Offered

In-Person Training

Work closely with a dedicated fitness professional who will provide individualized guidance, support, and motivation to help you reach your fitness goals effectively and efficiently.

Online Fitness Coaching

Experience personalized fitness coaching online. Get expert guidance, customized workouts, and ongoing support to reach your goals.

Personalized training

Unlock personalized training designed just for you. Receive customized workout plans and dedicated support to help you achieve your fitness goals effectively.

About My Story

Through personal experience, I have encountered the challenges and obstacles that accompany the journey of transforming one’s body. Having overcome my own struggles with weight, I possess a deep understanding of the emotional and physical hurdles that individuals face during this process. With a genuine desire to assist others, I am eager to extend my support and share the knowledge and strategies that aided me in my own transformation.

Hear What My Customers Have to Say

“A lot of things changed for me when I started personal training with Adam. I would say specific results are that I am stronger! People look at me and say, “Wow Alice, you look great, you look strong.” I appreciate Adam’s efforts and his passion when it comes to getting me to my goals. Chi Miigwetch (Big Thanks in Ojibway) for all that you do and all the help you give to those who need it. ”
“Before starting a work out and meal plan I was having issues sleeping, relaxing and staying focused. Burning the candles at both ends and not finding time for myself led to exhaustion and frustration. With overall health and weight issues.”
“Working with Adam has been great! He has great advice and you, he’ll show you how to use machines properly and how to work the correct muscles, as well as he’s very easy to communicate with. Great trainer!”