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Adam is a great trainer. He is knowledgeable and will adapt your program to meet your needs. He responds quickly and is very friendly to engage with. Overall, a great person to work with!


Adam is an all-round great trainer. Helps you gain knowledge on machines, what muscles it works, what vitamins to take etc. He’s a very open and down to earth trainer who encourages his clients to work to their fullest. He’s a big motivator and will make sure you reach your goal.

K. P.

Working with Adam has been great! He has great advice and you, he’ll show you how to use machines properly and how to work the correct muscles, as well as he’s very easy to communicate with. Great trainer!


Awesome trainer, incredibly friendly, and always ready to answer any question. Puffy constantly helps me stay on track.


Ever since April I’ve been training with Adam, and since then we have seen tremendous progress even with all the obstacles 2020 has thrown our way, I have gained 30 pounds and looking better than I ever have. His training has been fantastic and he has a positive attitude which is super motivating as he keeps you going even when your body wants to quit. Between the workout plan and meal planning, he knows how to get you to reach your goals. I can’t say enough good things about the program i’ve been on, its super satisfying to see results and Adam is awesome at getting results

Noah Gilbert

Adam is an incredible personal trainer. He goes above and beyond to ensure that his clients achieve their goals. He helps them to focus on all aspects of their transformation journey including nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health, and general healthy life habits. He has become a mentor for me not only in terms of reaching my physical goals but also in terms of improving my mindset and approach to life. If you follow Adam’s advice, you will be surprised at how quickly and effectively you will be able to see your desired results. When working with Adam, you truly feel like you are being coached by someone who cares about your well-being above all.

Michael Sobol

Before starting a work out and meal plan I was having issues sleeping, relaxing and staying focused. Burning the candles at both ends and not finding time for myself led to exhaustion and frustration. With overall health and weight issues.
I realized the only way to get control was to take control and there are times we need to reach out for help. Reaching out to Adam was one of the most positive moves I have made and have not looked back to work with an individual who had first-hand experience what it was like to have body image that affected our mental state. His passion and drive helped me realize it takes hard work and dedication to reach my goals BUT that I could do it. It is important to understand limitations in your body and share with your trainer who will design a program that best suits you. Have physical limitations does not mean you cannot accomplish your goals it means you may need to work tour body in different ways.
Having a personal trainer who acknowledges these limitations and researches the best way to handle such limitations is a dedicated trainer.
I was not once skeptical, since the trainer knows where I was coming from and where I wanted to get to. I know meal plan and meal prep, I enjoy various forms of exercise from yoga to spin to core strengthening to a simple walk.
A trainer who listens rather than tells you what you have to do is the trainer you want.
Adam has been that for me.


A lot of things changed for me when I started personal training with Adam. I would say specific results are that I am stronger! People look at me and say, “Wow Alice, you look great, you look strong.” I appreciate Adam’s efforts and his passion when it comes to getting me to my goals. Chi Miigwetch (Big Thanks in Ojibway) for all that you do and all the help you give to those who need it.

Alice, 35

Before personal training, I didn’t know how to workout properly. For example, I didn’t know how to hit an entire muscle group, how many sets/reps to do, and how to do proper form to avoid injuries. Making sure I wasn’t going to suffer an injury setback was one of the main reasons I started personal training. After 6 weeks of training with Adam, I saw noticeable results with my physique and an increased appetite. My advice for someone starting personal training would be to make sure the timing is right for you and that it is truly a priority for you to stay in shape and workout. Both the trainer and the trainee must be working together towards achieving your goals, and this requires input and effort from both sides, as the trainer can’t do the workouts for you. If you are ready and willing to make this commitment to your health, then you should seriously consider personal training with Adam.

Matthew, 22

I didn’t have long with Adam but the time I had with him was excellent. Before working out I was out of shape and had a skinny-fat archetype. Because of my small stature, not only did my accumulated fat show more, but it also lowered my confidence. Personal training with Adam totally changed that. Not only did I look better with a more muscular back, larger chest, and bigger biceps, but my strength and weight also shot up (in terms of muscle mass not fat). I wanted to be and look strong, and now I am and I do. One of my highlights with Adam is being able to achieve a 315lbs deadlift while I myself was 140lbs. This did not happen overnight but was possible through consistent training over time. Adam also taught me the importance of following a meal plan. “Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym”. Not only is a clean diet essential for those that desire a Greek god physique, but it is also crucial for strength training as it provides you with the necessary energy to tackle heavy lifting. All in all, I genuinely believe that if you follow the plan that Adam writes for you with consistency, you can and will achieve a desirable outcome.

Kevan, 21

I have been going to Coach Adam for the past three months. I had mobility issues and I could not walk for long periods at a time. I have had amazing success with Adam and couldn’t recommend him more! Adam has helped me refine my approach to workouts, nutrition and overall motivation. The result has been some weight loss and a significant tightening of my whole body, & I am able to now walk with no problem. Adam takes the time to listen and to create a program for each individual. I’m blessed to have him as my trainer.

Cheryl Ephron

Since I started my personal training with Adam back in Mid October 2020 to get into a dream beach body shape and recover from my mobility issues such as my hip, shoulders, knees, back due to the type of work I do. In the last 4 weeks, I have seen a major change in my body within a short period of time. He was able to eliminate my mobility and stiffness issue I had throughout my body and I used to go to RMT every 2-3 months to ease the pain from time to time. I want to say thank you Adam for all you do for me and your other clients. You seriously over delivered and under promise what you say that you are gonna do. When I am done my 12 month program or during it. I am going to refer you to all my family and friends who are serious about their fitness and health etc to link up with Adam.

Mohit Verma

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